Ardens have worked with CQC to develop a suite of reports to be used when carrying out inspections of GP practices. The reports can also be used by practices to identify patients who are potentially at risk from not having care delivered in line with national guidance. For further information, please see the following support article

The Ardens Manager CQC Dashboard is available to all Ardens users and allows GP practices, PCNs, Places and ICBs to monitor and benchmark the CQC reporting data across their area.

Once logged into Ardens Manager, to access the dashboard, click on the Governance icon located at the top of the screen:

The data is manually uploaded to the dashboard, click on the Upload option and follow the online instructions:

For EMIS practices

For SystmOne practices

Please note - data can be automatically uploaded if you have signed up for 'automatic uploads', see further information in this support article.

Once the data has been uploaded, navigate through the data using the tabs provided:

Each area includes a Data tab with an OVERVIEW section displaying reports which highlight where the appropriate care has not been delivered.

Hovering over the report and clicking on the View link will provide you with a further breakdown:

From this screen you are able to:

Click the close [x] option to return to the dashboard.

To view the list of patients to target for each report, this must be done within the practice clinical system. 

Hovering over the report name will display a Copy icon, select this to copy the name of the report and paste within the search/find system in the clinical reporting module of your practice system. Further information on how to do this can be accessed in the following support article

You are able to export the data to a PDF of CSV file by clicking on export button:

The orange plus icon located to the top right hand of the screen will allow you to add a Review of the reports to document any notes or actions taken. Reviews added can be viewed in the Reviews tab. 

By creating regular reviews this helps to keep a clear record of progress / action points for CQC visits. 

The Rules tab provides further information about the parameters of each report. Further information on how to use the Rules tab can be accessed in the following support article.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact the Ardens Manager Support Team on: