The trend chart functionality allows you to easily monitor your activity progress over time at both practice and group level. You can also add targets to help aid achievement over time and ensure you stay on track. 

Hover on any report and select 'View' to open the 'Breakdown' pop-up.

The trend tab will be selected by default.

You can view any organisation in the group by selecting the organisation in the left hand panel. Click on organisation again to de-select and return to group-level view. 

The date period and type of graph (bar or line) can be adjusted as needed.

Note - Group-level (i.e. PCN or ICB) trends are calculated from organisations within the group that have accepted the data sharing agreement AND have uploaded data. If you see missing gaps in your PCN data, it is likely to be because not all practices within your group has uploaded data in the same timeframe.


Localised targets can now be added to track and compare progress. These targets can be shown in comparison with any contractual target too if applicable. Threshold ranges are always shown with a dotted line. 

To add a local target select '+ Add target' and fill in the start and end dates as well as the start and end values. Click on the save icon to add the trend to the view. 

Note -you can only add a target for the organisation you are currently logged into. However, you are able to select and view any target that has been set by any organisation within your data sharing agreement. 

You are able to add multiple targets for different date periods. For example, you could set a trajectory (from 01/04/22 - 31/03/2023) for your PCN to hit the lower and upper threshold and assess whether you are on target.