The Ardens Manager National Average feature is available for all dashboards and allows general practice staff to be able to compare their performance to the national average of Ardens upload. This information will be based on practice data that has been uploaded to Ardens Manager in the last 14 days and calculates the mean average of all manually uploaded report values for each 'how am i driving" and "end of year financial year" reports.

Please see our Privacy Policy for further information on data we collect. 

Once you have accessed the relevant dashboard, hover over any performance indicator and click on the View button to open the Breakdown pop-up screen.

On launching the pop up screen, the 'Ardens Manager National Average' by default will be displayed at the top of the screen, followed by your practice or group of practices if looking at this at PCN or ICB level. There is the option to sort by patients and percentage, click on the icons to sort the information.

Please note - the national average is calculated from patient counts, however, some automatic uploads calculate activity counts for reports.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact the Ardens Manager Support Team on: