The QOF dashboard is available to National Contract Subscribers and allows organisations to visualise QOF performance in terms of points value and threshold achievements.

N.B - Manual data uploads from SystmOne or EMIS are not supported. Practices must be active on automatic uploads to populate this dashboard. To initiate Automatic Uploads, please press the 'Request Setup' button on the Ardens Manager homepage. For further information on setting up automatic uploads, please select here

The QOF 2024-25 Dashboard can be accessed via the Contracts icon and selecting the QOF 2024-25 dashboard contract.

The top of the dashboard will allow you to navigate through the different QOF domains, with the Overview option grouping all of the domains together.

The tabs displaying below this will allow you to see as follows:

  • Data - shows QOF achievement in terms of point value.
  • Payment - shows QOF achievement in monetary value.
  • Rules - shows a breakdown of the business rules.
  • Contract - allows access to the contract business rules.

Within the QOF dashboard you can monitor all QOF domains and indicators from both an 'How am I Driving' and 'End of Year Financial Year' point of view. 

Data Tab

The Data tab will display QOF achievement in terms of patients and points.

You are able to monitor your percentage achieved, and if you have met the lower or upper threshold:

The Achieved column will indicate by a traffic light system on how your organisation is performing:

  • Red - below points target.
  • Amber - within the lower and upper target.
  • Green - maximum points reached.

The Remaining to Achieve column highlights outstanding patients in terms of points and patients. The column can be sorted by maximum/minimum points left, or points or number of patients. 

The Clinical Activity section will list all reports for each QOF indicator.

Please note - all protected indicators for 2024/25 will be labelled, with visibility of the practices current performance to monitor improvement:

The Case Finder section will identify patients missing off the practice disease registers, due to missing or incorrect coding.

The Organisational Activity section allows you to evidence the information needed for Quality Improvement. 

The Domains section shows an overview of performance by each QOF domain.

Payment Tab

The Payment tab will display the QOF achievement in monetary value.

Please note - this tab will only show protected indicator payment for the protected indicators and not current performance.

To learn further on how to use Ardens Manager and the QOF Dashboard, sign up to Ardens Academy, our free online learning platform to enhance your experience of the dashboard.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact the Ardens Manager Support Team on: