The QOF Dashboard in Ardens Manager allows your organisation to visualise your QOF performance in terms of monetary and points value. 

The top of the dashboard is split into the different QOF domains. The Overview option will list all domain indicators together.

The tabs underneath display different screens - Data shows your QOF achievement in terms of point value, Payment shows your QOF achievement in terms of income value, Rules shows a breakdown of the business rules, Contract has the embedded PDFs of the business rules. 

The Task box on the right-hand side of the screen will have various tasks for the QOF dashboard - such as the prompt to upload data. Please see the below guides for uploading data to the QOF dashboard. 

Upload QOF Monitor data - SystmOne

Upload QOF Monitor data - EMIS Web

Once you have uploaded you can toggle between any 'How am I Driving' and 'End of Financial Year' data using the toggle button under the date picker in the top right hand corner.

Payment Dashboard

Once you have data uploaded to the dashboard, you can use the Payment tab to see your QOF achievement in monetary terms. At the very top you get overall estimate of income achieved, missed income and potential missed income using the case finder reports. This is split per domain so you are able to focus on areas of larger achieved or missed income. 

Scroll down to see the Clinical Activity section which will list each QOF indicator. For each indicator you are able to view achieved income, how many points earned so far, and how many patients have had that piece of work recorded. The far right columns shows outstanding work in terms of income and points - the patients remaining column gives the missing patient count for that indicator. The list of indicators is ordered by default based on £/patients - you can adjust the ordering by clicking on the top of the column. 

Organisational Activity 

The organisation activity section includes the quality improvement indicators for QOF this year. These include evidencing project work for optimising access and improvement work focused on early drug dependency. Click +Add to upload your activity for these indicators. There are download templates available to structure any evidence you are gathering.

Mark as in progress allows you to edit your organisational activity. Mark as completed will add the points available to your total.  You can drag and drop external documents, screenshots, meeting minutes etc into the bottom box of the pop-up screen.

Data Dashboard

The Data tab will display your QOF achievement in terms of points. You are able to visualise your current percentage achieved (blue bar) in comparison to the lower and upper points threshold targets. The Achieved column will have a colour indicator to show where your organisation are performing - Red means below points target, Amber means within the lower and upper target, Green means you have hit maximum points target. 

Case finders

If you are a National Contracts subscriber, you will also be able to upload and view your QOF case finder data in the dashboard. Please see the below guides for further instructions. 

Upload QOF Case Finder Data - SystmOne

Upload QOF Case Finder Data - EMIS Web

For known discrepancies in this area, particularly for automatic uploads, please see the following support article.