There are five steps to becoming active with automatic uploads, below are the steps that need to be taken:

1. Request Setup

To activate automatic uploads, log into Ardens Manager as the practice you wish to activate and navigate to ‘My dashboard’. Within the automatic uploads section, click the ‘Request Setup’ button.

2. Setup Requested

Once you have requested to be setup for automatic uploads, the status bar will change to ‘Setup Requested’. The system administrators for the organisation will have a task to ‘Accept the Data Processing Agreement’ within Ardens Manager.

3. Agreement Signed

When the Data Processing Agreement has been signed, the onboarding status will change to ‘Agreement Signed’ and we will be in touch via email when we are ready for you to action the second task.

4. Setup in Progress

We are now ready for you to complete Step 2 (see below) and the system administrators for the practice will have received an email with further information. Once step 2 has been completed, there is nothing further for the practice to action.

SystmOne - Join allocated Ardens Manager SRE organisation group.

EMIS - Accept Data Extraction Agreement within EMIS Web.

5. Active

The organisation you are logged in as is active for automatic uploads.

Please also see the following links, for specific setup for EMIS Web and SystmOne practices.