Ardens Manager users can enable multifactor authentification (MFA) to increase the security of their account. The following support article outlines the setup process. 


1. Login to Ardens Manager.

2. Navigate to your 'Settings' using the three dots in the top right hand corner by your name.

3. Select on the 'Security' tab.

4. Enable 'MutiFactor Authentification' toggle.

5. Enter your password and select 'Next'.

6. Open your MFA application and scan the QR code or enter the 16 digit setup code on your screen.

N.B If you do not currently have an MFA application you will need to download this before you can continue. E.g Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator

7. Enter the 6-digit code generated within your app and select 'enable'.

8. Store your 'Recovery Codes' in a secure password manager. These can be used in the future if your authentication app is lost. 

9. If required you can also view the recovery codes at a later date and also request new recovery codes using the 'Regenerate Codes' button.

Please note that if you choose to regenerate your recovery codes, you will need to save them again in your secure password manager. 

10. When you next login to your account, once you have entered your password you will be prompted to enter your authentication code. If you are unable to access your MFA code, please select 'use a recovery code' where you will be able to enter one of your recovery codes instead.


For more details on our password policy, please see this support article.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact the Ardens Manager Support Team on: