If your Commissioner is using Ardens Manager to host their Local Contracts, you will be able to view the contract, reports, rules and specifications from the Contracts area.

First, using the left hand navigation bar, select the contracts page icon to go to the contracts homepage

If you haven't yet accepted the invitation to join your local contract, you will see a task in your task box and also the contract named in the Contracts box with a button to accept the invitation. You will need to action this before continuing. Please note if you aren't a system administrator or contract lead for your practice on Ardens Manager you may not be able to see this task.

Once accepted, you will be able to click on the contract in the list to open.

If you are required to sign the contract on Ardens Manager and have not yet done so, you will be prompted to do so here. If you are ready to sign the contract, please see the sign contract support article.

You can navigate to each area of the contract by using the tabs at the top of the page. In the screenshot above we are in the Overview page which contains information on the following:

  • Contract information including leads and start dates
  • Payment mechanisms used - for further information on these, please see our payments support article
  • Services available
  • Terms & conditions
  • Signatures block

If you navigate to a specific contract area, i.e. DM (Diabetes), you will be able to see the following information:

  • Clinical reports & payments - please click on the information (i) to view more information on the report criteria and codes
  • Organisations activity requirements - for further information on this please see the organisational activity support article.
  • Service specifications