Whilst we have thoroughly tested the accuracy of the Ardens Manager reports there maybe some discrepancies between the reports within EMIS Web and SystmOne. The following support article outlines the discrepancies we are aware of for the automatic upload process.

Automatic uploads are currently being beta tested by various GP practices before rolling out more widely. If you have signed up for the beta testing of automatic uploads, you acknowledge that the process may have data discrepancies such as the below:

TRUD and SNOMED updates

Most reports across Ardens Manager, Ardens SystmOne & Ardens EMIS rely on the underlying structure of SNOMED codes, these are updated as part of both International & UK processes. 

These updates are distributed via the Technology Reference Update Distribution (TRUD) service provided by NHS England, due to the mechanism in which these are published there are occasionally time delays between these being implemented in each system. As such, differences may be created by this but should normalise as the TRUD updates are processed in each system.


  • CAN-02

In line with the business rules, the automatically uploaded data is an activity count of the number of Lower GI referrals and FIT tests done, whereas the reporting within EMIS Web and SystmOne looks at a patient count by default. Please note that the final payments are based on activity counts.

If your practice's automatic uploaded counts are higher than that within EMIS and SystmOne, we suggest checking the patients identified within the reports for more than one referral and/or FIT tests coded. For example, a GP may have coded the referral and after being sent to the receptionist, the referral is coded again, resulting in two referral codes for one patient. 


Please run the two reports below, which will show you the activity, the number of referrals. These can be found in the 5.32 Contracts - Network Des (23-24) (v2.10 and above) folder. 

  • 2ww Referrals for lower GI or colorectal - total referrals count
  • Count of referrals preceded by FIT test


Please run the Denominator report and breakdown the results by Item Count.

  • Cancer | 2ww referral for suspected cancer 2023-24 - Lower GI


  • CAN005, DEP004, MH001 and MH021

 We have needed to adjust our reports for these indicators to capture the earliest diagnosis or the earliest after the latest remission as we are unable to extract 'episode types' from EMIS Web, please note this may affect both EMIS Web and SystmOne practices. 

The business rules currently do not give explicit guidance on the use of episode types. Any differences found can be addressed by following the Ardens Data Quality reports (for example identifying patients who have an active diagnosis but where this has not been marked as a new episode).

  • COPD014 (SystmOne Only)

For the 2023-24 year, TPP released new functionality relating to "baseline dates", this appears to have caused discrepancies when looking at patients throughout the year. We have contacted TPP regarding this.

  • All Reports (SystmOne Only)

We are aware of some ongoing issues that are impacting End of Year counts, this mostly relates to exception rules and date ranges.

Seasonal Influenza

For the 2023/24 Flu season, the Ardens Manager & Ardens SystmOne reports are built to count activity based on the flu business rules, however, the EMIS reports currently identify a broader cohort of patients with data quality reports identifying patients who required codes adding to meet the business rule requirements. Therefore, EMIS practices may find our reports show a lower denominator count and we suggest actioning the available data quality reports

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact the Ardens Manager Support Team on: support-manager@ardens.org.uk