N.B - This is only available if requested by the commissioner, you will be made aware if evidence approval is required for your Local Contract submissions. 

As the commissioner, you have the option of reviewing and then approving or rejecting your practice's organisational submissions.

Organisational activity can be viewed from within the dashboard, under Organisational Activity or from the approve organisational activity submission task.

There are 3 status' for the organisational actvitity submissions, the number of practices for each status will be highlighted within the approval pop up:

1. Approved

2. Rejected

3. Pending Approval

To view the individual practices for each of the status', select on 'Show practices' (4) and "Review' (5) to view the evidence the practice has submitted. 

Here you can review any evidence the practice has submitted and 'Approve' or 'Reject', you can also include any comments (6) with the status update.