The 4. Booking section of the Capacity and Access screen includes data on the ease of bookings.

There are three data sources uploaded here:

  • GPPS - The GP Patient Survey is a national feedback survey is collected and published by an independent research company. PCNs are required to use GPPS trends over the last 5 years for Q1, Q4, Q16, Q21 and Q32 within the GP Patient Survey. PCNs are also required to compare their performance against ICB and national averages as a baseline for improvement for the Local Access and Improvement Plan. The GPPS data is published on the GP Patient Survey website annually. Once published, it is uploaded centrally onto Ardens Manager. As the data is only published once a year, PCNs should continue to collect patient experience data throughout 2023-24 via local patient experience surveys. We will also be launching the ability to send and collect patient experience via Ardens Manager.

  • GPAD - All GP appointment which are mapped to national slot types are extracted on a monthly basis as part of GPAD. Once published, data is uploaded onto Ardens Manager. For further information on GPAD and national slot types, please see NHS England » Improving GP appointment data

Hovering over the Online Access report and clicking on the View link will show a breakdown of Bookings/Cancellations which can be compared against the Ardens Manager National Average.

The Patient Experience reports will show a breakdown on the survey results of good experience with booking and satisfaction of the appointment offered.

The Waiting Time reports report on patients seen within 2 weeks.

The Organisational Activity section allows you to add process and record any review information to support the improvement plan.

Click on the + Add link to add details. 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact the Ardens Manager Support Team on: