By 30th June 2023, PCNs must submit an improvement plan to their ICB demonstrating how they plan to improve on patient experience, ease of access and demand management and accuracy of recording in appointment books. ICBs may provide an improvement plan template to PCNs or alternatively, PCNs can complete the national template available. 

At the end of the financial year, PCNs must have evidenced marked improvement against their plan to be eligible for all or some of the payment available (£0.829/adjusted patient). 

PCNs can navigate to the Network Contract DES 23-24 > Capacity & Access > Payment tab on Ardens Manager to see how much they could earn for the ‘Local Capacity and Access Improvement’ area of the Network Contract DES. They can also use the functionality to store their plan and record actions. 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact the Ardens Manager Support Team on: