The PCN Payment Distributor feature allows PCNs to easily distribute the Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) payment fairly amongst practices. To use this feature you must be a National Contract Subscriber and have accepted the group invite to the Network Contract DES dashboard.

Disclaimer: The Ardens Manager predicted payment is the predicted IIF payment from Ardens Manager and is not the actual amount your PCN will receive. The Actual payment is what is paid to your PCN from your ICB, as agreed locally. Please ensure you enter the actual payment before any practice payments are made (do NOT make practice payments based on the Ardens Manager predicted amount).

Please follow these steps to use this new feature:

1. Go to the Statement tab on the Network Contract DES dashboard.


2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the payment section. You can only edit this section when logged in as the PCN group.

3.1 Enter the actual payment received by the PCN for the Network Contract DES. 

3.2 Enter the costs (expenses, workforce and additional payments) for practices and the PCN. 

3.3 Add evidence for payments via the 'Add evidence' button. Practices can also add their own evidence here via their logins too.  

3.4 Select the distribution method for the remaining available payment to organisations from the following options:

  • divided equally
  • by fixed amount
  • by custom percentage 
  • by weighted patients - from latest NHS England publication
  • by registered patients - from latest capitation figures upload
  • by points achieved - from latest upload
  • by weighted points achieved - from latest upload

    If distributed by fixed amount or custom percentage, a warning will show if you are under or over payment. You will not be able to save the section if you have over distributed the available amount 

4. Click save to lock in your numbers which will then be visible to practices on their logins


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact the Ardens Manager Support Team on: