Organisational activity refers to any activity/data submissions which cannot be extracted via the clinical system and are therefore not uploaded automatically. These can cover 'Self-declarations' and 'evidence submissions'. Examples include:

  • Naming your safeguarding lead
  • Completing training
  • Writing an audit
  • Purchasing equipment
  • Indicators where data is sourced from outside the clinical system

Organisational activity can be viewed and added from within a dashboard, under the 'Organisational Activity' section or from the 'Upload organisational activity' task.

Organisational Activity Section

Upload Organisational Activity Task

Clicking '+add' next to the required organisational activity in either way allows you to record any supporting free text and also attached any external files if needed.

Once you are happy that a piece of organisational activity has been completed select 'Mark as complete'. This will then show as complete on the dashboard.

If you just want to record some supporting information without marking the activity as complete select 'Mark as in progress'. You can also use this if you have marked an indicator as complete in error and want to remove the achievement.

Some organisational activities allow you to download required reporting templates e.g. QI016 (QOF).


Whilst others allow you to record information that will populate data into the dashboard e.g. Care Home Premium (NCD).

NCD Care Home Premium

In the above example recording the number of eligible care home beds the PCN has will then populate the dashboard on both the Data and Payment tab with the latter displaying the funding associated with this.


You can export all the data recorded against organisational activities (in the selected dashboard) by clicking on the export button shown below. 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact the Ardens Manager Support Team on: