Where reports have three dots to the right of the patient counts you can now override value and manually update this within Ardens Manager. 

To manually overide values within Ardens Manager, please follow the below steps:

1. Select on the three dots to the right of patient count and select 'Override value'

2. Review the previous submission that you would like to overview and select the value you would like to override by either of these check boxes for updating the Numerator or Denominator value. 

3. Enter the value in the box provided. 

4. Submit evidence to support the value override, which can either be provided as free text or by dragging and dropping files. Please note that this evidence should not contain patient identifiable data. 

Once the value has been overridden you should then have a pen icon next to the values on your dashboard, to update this value overide, you can select the three dots and complete steps 2-4 again. You will note below that we have also included the date from which the manual override was created against your most recent upload value. 

To review  value at any time, select on the tick box next to the value and select 'save'.