Organisational activity refers to any activity/data submissions that cannot be extracted via the clinical system. Examples include:

  • Naming your safeguarding lead
  • Completing training
  • Writing an audit
  • Purchasing equipment

Commissioners can use Ardens Manager to list these requirements on their dashboard so that practices can easily upload information in one place alongside their clinically extracted data. 

Organisational activity can be viewed and added from within the dashboard, under Organisational Activity or from the upload organisational activity task.

Once the indicator task is opened, you will see details of the requirements for that indicator, please select 'See more' in the top right hand corner for more information, as highlighted below (1)

On Ardens Manager you have the option of submitting free text or a file, please use the first box for free text. When uploading a file, please drop files into the dotted square at the bottom of the task, as highlighted below (2)

Once your evidence has been attached and added, you will have the option of marking your evidence as completed or alternatively if requested by your commissioner, you may be required to submit your evidence for approval by your commissioner.  Please follow one of the below steps:

Mark as Complete

Please select 'mark as complete', as highlighted below (3) and the commissioner will then be able to view your submitted data. At any time within the reporting period you can hit 'Edit' next to the item and 'Mark as in progress' to remove your submission. 

Submitting Evidence for Approval


N.B - This is only available if requested by the commissioner, you will be made aware if evidence approval is required for your Local Contract submissions.

Select 'submit for approval', your commissioner will then be able to view your evidence and have the option of approving or rejecting your evidence. 

If your evidence is approved, you will receive an email and no further action ir required. 

If your evidence is rejected, you will receive an email asking you to view the comments and resubmit your evidence. From there you can re-open the organisational actvity task (the task will be shown in Red) and re-submit your evidence for approval