The following support article explains how to upload SMI Health Check data into the SMI Health Check National Contract Dashboard.

Locating the Ardens Manager Report on EMIS Web

Please check you have the most recent version of the 5.35 Contracts - SMI Health Check reports search file. To download the most recent Ardens searches, access the Ardens Portal ( Instructions on how to download can be accessed in the following support article.


To locate the report, navigate to the Population Reporting module and select the Ardens Searches > 5.35 Contracts - SMI Health Check folder. Within this folder you will find the Ardens Manager Report folder. Open this and you will see the “Ardens Manager Contract Report – SMI" report.

Run and Export Data

1. Once you have located the report, right click on the report and select the option for Run. Please then select Advanced options before clicking Yes to run the report for the relevant quarter, please see below the relative run dates required for each quarter.

Q1 - 01/07/2023

Q2 - 01/10/2023

Q3 - 01/01/2024

Q4 - 01/04/2024

2. Once the report has been run (today's date will display to the right of the report once run). Click on the View Results option on the EMIS ribbon.

3. Once the report has opened, click on the Export button.


4. Select the option for CSV and ensure the 'Exclude report header' option is unticked.


5. Save the report to an appropriate location.

Pasting the Report into Ardens Manager 

6. Open the saved CSV file from step 5.

7. Highlight all data in the CSV file by pressing CTRL + A on your keyboard.

8. With the data highlighted, press CTRL + C on your keyboard to copy all information. 

9. Access Ardens Manager and click on the "Upload SMI Health Checks Reports" upload button (found on the home page or tasks option). 

10. Click in the 'Click here and press...' box and press CTRL + V on your keyboard to paste the copied information.

11. Once populated, click on the Import button. 

You can upload your SMI Health Check contract data to Ardens Manager as many times as you like (maximum once per a day). By uploading your data frequently, you will easily be able to monitor your performance over time.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact the Ardens Manager Support Team on: