Below are some common errors that may occur when uploading data to Ardens Manager. This article explain what the error code usually means and what action to take. If your problem does persist, please contact



"Please ensure the report date is today"

This is prompting you to re-run the relevant reports in your clinical system so they are for today’s date.

"Your upload is missing the following reports, please add these and try again"


EMIS -  this error message can occur when the most up to date Ardens searches are not being used. To check and download the searches, please visit our Portal.

SystmOne -  please ensure that the main folder (eg: Diabetes) is being run and exported. If you can only see the sub-headings (eg: Performance Indicators), ensure the 'Show sub-category reports in category heading' check box is selected as shown below.  If this error persists, please contact us


"Data missing"

EMIS – this usually means the report header has been removed when exporting the search results from EMIS. Ardens Manager required the run date of the searches which is included in the report header. Make sure this box is unchecked and upload again.

"Success, X reports imported"

This means that a successful upload has already happened that day – check the relevant dashboard for your data. You can upload another data set the following day.