1. Run & Export Reports

Go to Population Reporting > Ardens and find your specific group folder e.g. Demo CCG (v2324) searches.

Right click on the audit report within this folder i.e. Demo ICB, and select Run. 

    2 . Once the reports have run, right click again on the reports and select View Results.


    3. Then click on the Export button in the ribbon at the top of your screen.


    4. Next, check that CSV is selected and 'Exclude report header' is not checked.


    5. Please then save your CSV. Once saved, please find the CSV again and open it in Excel.

3. Paste Reports into Ardens Manager

Once the CSV has opened, hit Ctrl + A to highlight all the reports followed by Ctrl + C to copy the reports.

Please return to Ardens Manager and open the 'Upload [Group Contract Name] Reports' task. 


Select the box on the task and press Ctrl + V. Once the box has filled with your reports, please click Import.

A message might appear to state that various rows have been ignore and excluded from the upload, this is fine and please proceed to import the reports. 

You can upload your group contract data to Ardens Manager as many times as you like (maximum once per day). By uploading your data frequently, you will easily be able to monitor your performance over time.