Once you have uploaded your data you can start to navigate around the Services area.

Report Types

There are five clinical report types within Ardens Manager. 

  • Overview
    The Overview reports include general infomation about the page you are currently on, for example how many patients are on your register, their age ranges or test scores.

  • Last Month
    Last Month reports look at activity recorded in the last calendar month (i.e. if the current month is September, data displayed will be from 1st August - 31st August).

  • Safety Alerts
    Safety Alerts indicate where patients could be at significant risk, for example ?Foot referral as moderate or high risk of foot problems. Safety alerts can be assigned to a staff member using the assign column. This will create a personalised task list for the individual to work from. Once the report count reaches 0 the report will be removed from your view.

  • Case Finders
    Case finders include reports where a patient should be coded as having a particular condition but they are not, for example ?Pre-diabetes as latest HbA1c 42-44 in last 1y.This is not only important for the safety of the patient as they may not be receiving the right level of care but also by not coding these patients, your organisation could be missing out on contractual income, such as QOF income. Like Safety Alerts, Case Finders can also be assigned to staff members using the far right assign column in the report section. Once the report count reaches 0 the report will be removed from your view. 

  • Performance Indicators
    Performance Indicators report on any recent activity and the quality of the work being done. By uploading this data onto Ardens Manager, you can view at this work as a percentage of patients available, for example you can identify that 50% of your diabetic patients have received a care plan in the last 13m.


On Ardens Manager you can benchmark organisations reports against each other by simply clicking on the benchmark toggle at the top of any section header. If you want to change your benchmarking group, click on the group dropdown on the left-hand column. This will give you a list of all groups the organisation you are logged in as is part of. If you can't see a group you think should be there, please ensure you are logged into the correct organisation underneath your name in the top right of the screen. 

Create a Review

To create a review simply click on the orange (+) in the top right of any service management screen. Once you have added your review, you will be able to see it in the review tab. The review tab is filtered to see only reviews for this page and any parent pages for the logged in organisation only.